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Zeiss Ultra60 FE-SEM


The Zeiss scanning electron microscope is the instrument of choice for clear and precise imaging on large delicate specimems or uncoated wafers. The ULTRA 60 enables clear topographic imaging with the high efficiency In-lens SE detector. Ultra high resolution imaging at low kV Extra large 6-axes motorised fully eucentric stage with fine stage control Large sample throughput with integrated 8" airlock High efficiency In-lens SE detector for high contrast surface imaging download SmartTIFF: to let you do measurements on your images


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Marcus Microscopy 3


General Equipment Specification - Characterization
Imaging - FESEM
Metrology - Imaging
Radioactive - Radioactive

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Equipment with Similar Capabilities

Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM

The Hitachi S-4700 FE-SEM is a cold field emission high resolution scanning electron microscope. This SEM permits ultra high resolution imaging of thin films and semi-conductor materials on exceptionally clean specimens.


Cleanroom - Marcus Inorganic


The LEO 1530 FE-SEM is a hi-resolution SEM capable of sub-nanometer resolution. Detectors: In-Lens, SE, and BSE -capable of up to 6" wafer -operational voltage 0.2-30kV -low voltage for viewing non-conductive samples -x/y/z axes motorized stage


Cleanroom - Pettit

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