Bioforce Nano eNabler Printer/Patterner


The Nano eNabler is a multifunctional surface patterning platform for dispensing attoliter to femtoliter volumes of biomolecules, nanoparticles and other liquids onto a wide variety of surfaces. It is faster and more flexible than conventional technologies, and has no clogging or misalignment problems, as well as multiplexing ability. -Spot and line sizes: 1 to 30 microns -100 msec printing cycle -20 nm stage resolution -50 mm XY travel -Multiplexing ability. -Accommodates samples up to 4 inches


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Cleanroom - Marcus Organic


Deposition - Biological
Deposition - Poymer

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Equipment with Similar Capabilities

JetLabII Ink-jet Printer

This table-top ink-jet microdispensing and printing platform is useful for a wide variety of applications. Typical inks include polymers, adhesives, metallic nanoparticles, and biological materials, including diagnostic reagents, proteins, and DNA. As a non-contact printing process, the accuracy of ink-jet dispensing is not affected by how the fluid wets a substrate, and the fluid source cannot be contaminated by materials on the substrate. In addition, the ability to free-fly fluid droplets allows the fluid to be dispensed into and onto non-planar and complex structural features.


Cleanroom - Marcus Organic

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