Oxford Cryogenic ICP


The Oxford Cryogenic ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) etching (DRIE) produces high ion densities and hence fast etch rates, while allowing separate control of ion density and ion energy (giving a low damage capability). Wafer clamping and helium back-side cooling is the standard and provides excellent temperature control with the cryogenic to provide a wide temperature range (-150C to 400C). Only 4" wafers are allowed in this system.


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Tool Owners

  • Tran-Vinh Nguyen


Cleanroom - Marcus Inorganic


Etch - Copper
Etch - Dielectrics - Silicon Oxide
General Equipment Specification - ICP Systems

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Equipment with Similar Capabilities


The STS ICP is a CMOS-compatible tool used for integrated MEMS-CMOS processes, and is meant for narrow (<10 micron in width) high aspect-ratio trench etching (DRIE) in silicon and SOI wafers. This system is used only for etching high aspect-ratio trenches in silicon (BOSCH process) and 4" SOI wafers.


Cleanroom - Pettit

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