Unifilm Sputterer


The Unifilm Multisource Sputtering System deposits thin metal films in a argon-enriched low vacuum. The Unifilm Sputterer has a deposition monitor to quickly and accurately measure Source distributions, a computer-controlled Planetary System, and a computer model of the source-planetary system. -Process wafers up to 4" -Deposition Processes: Aluminum, Aluminum/Silicon, Gold, Titanium, Copper, Chromium, Molybdenum, Molybdenum/Copper, Nickel, Silicon, Tantalum -DC/RF power


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  • Charlie Suh


Cleanroom - Marcus Inorganic


Deposition - Metal Deposition - Chromium
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Copper
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Gold
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Platinum
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Tanatalum
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Titanium
Deposition - Metal Deposition - Tungsten
Deposition - Silicon
General Equipment Specification - Sputterer Systems

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Equipment with Similar Capabilities

CVC DC Sputterer

The CVC DC sputterer is used to coat samples with metals. <br> <br> Specifications:<br> -wafers/substrates up to 6"<br> -new touchscreen control system<br> -two 3" and two 8" sputter guns<br> -rotostrate for improved uniformity<br> -base pressure 5e-6 Torr


Cleanroom - Pettit

PVD75 RF Sputterer

The RF sputterer can be used to deposit many dielectrics. Coatings are performed by accelerating ions or an argon oxygen mixture into the surface of a sputter target, which is made of the material to be applied to the sample. -Sputter two or more dissimilar materials simultaneously for complete control of film stoichiometry (co-deposition) -Max RF power 325W -Integrated touch screen control -Single substrate up to 12" diameter -Multiple substrate up to 4" diameter -Substrate fixture rotation up to 20rpm


Cleanroom - Marcus Inorganic

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