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Instructions by: Pezhman Monajemi

The Nanospec 3000 is a precise AFT (Automated Film Thickness) Measurement system that measures the thickness of films deposited on various substrates and its reflectance relative to Silicon.


  • Measures vertical features from 100Aring up to 0.02mm with a resolution of 50Aring
  • Supports 4" and 6" wafers
  • Measures up to 3 films on Si substrate
  • Has up to 200 different programs
  • Measurement time is 3 seconds

Operating Instructions

  1. In the main screen, choose your desired program. In the measurement screen, enter your sample ID. If you are not in the main screen, please press the Calib button at the bottom of the screen to return to the main screen. If you need to modify your recipe and the system will not let you, you will need to log into the system with user name NANOJ and password $SUPER.
  2. Use the knobs under the stage to move the stage to the left or right.
    Note that these have a limited range.
    In order to do the reference measurement, it is necessary to move the stage with your hand.
  3. Do the reference measurement by moving to dark position. This is the slot on the right of the tool to the right of the silicon wafer (the hole in the stage). Click OK, then focus on the reference sample. This is a clean bare silicon wafer on the right side of stage. Press OK. You can repeat this every time by clicking on the Refbutton.
    Don't change the microscope settings.
  4. Now Move the sample under the microscope; focus on it using the Meas button and measure the sample. Only the area under the black spot is measured. When you select a recipe it may ask you for a sample name. Enter a sample name if desired, or simply press Enter.
  5. The Graph button displays the data list in an interferogram graph.
  6. The Fit is a measure of resolution; it should be less than 0.1 for fine films (such as deposited oxide) and less than 5 for porous films (such as deposited Polysilicon). If different settings are desired, ask the contact staff to edit the program and change the parameters for you.
  7. To quit to main menu, click on the Calib button.
  8. If you want to save your data go to the main menu. Now go to the Data menu and select Process Last saved Measurement Result. Find your program by clicking on Search. Click on Simple data and choose Export from the Process menu and finally Save. For posting your data to the web, select e://grover/nanospec.
Don't ever turn off the Lamp power supply.

Problems? Notify the staff.