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Open to Everyone

Anyone in the world can come use the cleanrooms and labs. Whether you already belong to the GT community or are a non-GT affiliated user, there are only a few simple steps to join.

Pay as You Go

Our rates are designed to provide the most flexibility for our users. You only pay when you use our facilities and equipment. So if you use our labs one month, but not the next, you will only be charged for the month that you had activity. Sign-up below to become a user. There is no obligation and you will not be charged until you actually begin using our equipment or cleanrooms.

External Users

If you have no affiliation with Georgia Tech, you are an external user. This includes non-GT academic institutions, government labs, and industry users. If you are from an academic institution or government institution, you pay the same rates as Georgia Tech users.

To join our community, please fill out this form and fax it to 404-385-408, with attention to Traci Walden-Monroe. Once we have received and processed this form, you will receive further instructions from our staff.


As of January 1, 2012, all new users of the Pettit, Marcus Inorganic, and Marcus Organic Cleanrooms & Labs are required to attend a common orientation program. This training will cover policies and procedures, safety, ethical practices, and basic processing. After attending this orientation, users can be granted access to all IEN facilities.

You are required sign up for orientation while registering below.

There are no upcoming orientations

Already Have a GT Username?

If you are part of the GT community, you already have a GT username. If you are not yet part of the GT community (i.e., you are an external user), see the external users section for further instructions.

Cleanrooms & Labs

  1. Fill out the form below. You must select an orientation session to register.
  2. Your PI can now approve you to use any of our cleanrooms or labs.
  3. After orientation, take three online exams: the Cleanroom Entrance Exam, the Chemical Safety Exam, and the Fume Hood Exam.
  4. Start getting trained on cleanroom equipment.

Organic Cleanroom

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Sign-up for and attend organic cleanroom orientation. It's free and usually lasts under two hours.
  3. Your PI can now approve you to use the organic cleanroom.
  4. Start getting trained on organic cleanroom equipment.

Non-Cleanroom Labs

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. No need to attend any orientation. Your PI can immediately approve you to use the non-cleanroom labs.
  3. Start getting trained on non-cleanroom equipment in the labs.


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*GT Username
If your PI does not have an account with the IEN and is not shown in the GT PI drop down box, please ask your PI to come to this page and fill out the become a new user form selecting Jason Herrington as their PI. Once they have done this please email Jason Herrington at with the PI name. Once a new project is created for your PI you may sign up to become a user selecting your PI. Note the PI is only required to attend orientation if they are planning to use the equipment or cleanrooms themselves. Once you take the orientation and the 3 entry tests your PI may authorize you to use labs or cleanrooms by logging into, going to their dashboard and selecting PI Resources - Authorize Users.
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